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Before anything elso eto na naman ako mag-sosorry because I wasn’t able to blog for a week it is because I’ve been preoccupied with my workout and some activities. Summer is already here but please allow me to wear my sweater even just for a day. Wore this during a food event because this kind of clothing will allow me to eat more and not worry about the fit of my clothes right after.

Sweater TOPMAN, Pants LANDMARK, Shoes ZARA

Sunday March 23, 2014 | Comments

Summer is really near and one of the best way to welcome summer is to hit the beach or maybe just munch on some good seafood dishes. Why do you have to travel so far when you can experience your sea side food adventure in the heart of Quezon City. Say hello to SEAFOOD SHACK.

Don’t you just love the ambience of Seafood Shack? The nautical feel also adds spice to the authentic sea side experience which makes your stay at Seafood Shack more fun.

Because I love you guys so much I’m sharing you guys their menu so you’ll be familiar with the names of the dishes and its prices.

APPETIZERS!!! Why do you have to be so good??? Southern Cheese Blocks (200), Cajun Wings with Ranch Dressing (220), Fried Baby Squid with Cocktail Sauce (200), Grilled Corn with Cheese (80), Creamy Mashed Potato (80)

Southern Cheese Blocks, 200

If you think that this is like your traditional cheese sticks, think again. In this photo it may look like a lumpiang shanghai but this appetizer is the BOMB! 

Cajun Wings in Ranch Dressing, 220

Grilled Corn with Cheese, 80 

THE WINNER!!! Everybody loves this and I can’t wait to visit them again because of this. I really love corn and cheese so much that’s why I immediately fell in love with this.

Time to eat!!!! Oooooops! I guess it’s time for Instagram first Hahahaha!

I seriously think that they need to give justice to the food. I love how dedicated these bloggers are HAHAHAHA Hello Paul, Arnie, Christine and Bestie!

Soup of the Day CLAM CHOWDER, 130

Shack’s Catch in Shack Daddy Sauce, 1950 and Shack Rice, 80

BEST APPETIZERS EVEEEEEEEEEER!!! My personal favorite are the Southern Cheese Blocks and Fried baby Squid in Cocktail Sauce. It’s so good that you would want to eat it while watching TV or just browsing your social media feeds.

Baked Clams with Butter and Cheese, 370

Choco Chip Sundae, 150

We decided to take a photo before eating because we know that it’s gonna be messy HAHAHAHA. We didn’t even bother asking for plastic gloves because we really can’t wait. Overall, I really had a blast in Seafood Shack! Awesome Food, Great Ambience and Quality Service and of course Good Friends. Thank you so much Seafood Shack for having us.

To know more about Seafood Shack you can visit their page on Facebook Seafood Shack PH and you can also follow them on Twitter (@SeafoodShackPH) and on Instagram (@SeafoodShack)